The lifeblood of blood drives


Dean Brosious has donated 10 gallons of his blood to help others.

"It makes me feel good to think maybe you're helping someone else out," Brosious said,

Blood donations are made by the pint. Eight pints are in a gallon. Every time a donor totals a gallon, Bonfils Blood Center of Denver, which runs Craig's blood drives, sends the donor a pin.

Somewhere in Brosious' house, he figures there's a box full of the pins.

Like some other Craig residents, Brosious makes donating blood a habit.

At January's blood drive, 119 Craig residents tried to donate blood, and 111 donations were accepted.

Donations are turned away for a variety of reasons. Brosious was turned away Tuesday, because during Christmas he had taken a trip to a part of Mexico where malaria is a risk. Bonfils Blood Center of Denver refused his donation because it doesn't test donated blood for malaria. Now Brosious can't donate for one year.

The next blood drive in Craig is on June 21. The drive will help collect blood for the Fourth of July, a high period for accidents, The Memorial Hospital Laboratory Manager Wendy Palmeter said. Another drive will be held to collect blood for Labor Day weekend.

Palmeter attributed the success of January's blood drive to a donation competition between Moffat County and city of Craig employees.

TMH calls previous donors to remind them to schedule an appointment at the drive, but only 51 percent of previous donors return. So Palmeter figures they have room to grow there.

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