County won't charge Craig for tire collection during Clean-Up Days


The Moffat County commissioners made a decision Tuesday that will save the city of Craig more than $4,800.

Commissioners decided that they won't charge the city for the tires it collects and takes to the landfill on May 14 and 15, what has been designated as Clean-Up Craig Days.

"We have to start somewhere with good relations," Commissioner Saed Tayyara said. "It's a free day, and I don't think we should charge the city for it."

Feelings were mixed on how to handle the situation fairly. Last year during Clean-Up Days, people who took tires to the landfill were not charged. But the city was charged half- price for the tires it collected from residents at a central collection point and took to the landfill.

The city sets up Dumpsters and trash trucks at City Park during Clean-Up Days. Tires, trash and appliances are collected at no charge.

"We provide quite a service to residents with this," City Road and Bridge Department Supervisor Randy Call said. "It's not just the city of Craig Clean-Up days, it's a day when we get all this (trash) to town and put it in its proper place."

The city collected 3,211 tires in 2004 -- 2,413 of which came from residents who live outside the city limits. Transporting those to the landfill cost the city nearly $5,000.

Of the 174 appliances collected, 96 were brought in from rural residents.

The city's total Clean-Up Days expense was $6,376.50, which included the cost of removing the Freon from appliances collected.

This year, no one will be charged for tire disposal at the landfill. The idea of charging city of Craig residents for tire disposal and not county residents was discussed but eventually overridden.

"One consolation is it's getting better every year," Call said. "We're collecting less every year."

Commissioners also agreed Tuesday to extend the landfill voucher program into a third year.

Through the program, any property owner in the county can collect one voucher for every parcel owned. The vouchers are good for one free day of unlimited dumping at the landfill from May to August.

The vouchers are available at the assessor's office in the Moffat County Courthouse.

Last year, 931 vouchers were issued.

"I think this is a pretty good deal," Commissioner Darryl Steele said. "It helps up get the city and the county cleaned up, and I'd like to see us continue it."

Voucher users still must pay for tires.

Although only property owners qualify for vouchers, the assessor's office is lenient in terms of giving vouchers to renters if the property owner is out of state and will not be claiming one.

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