Amanda Ellis: Hayden


I am writing in regards to your article about the lack of people reporting to jury duty when summoned. It infuriated me to hear the complaints of Craig resident Matt Moore, who has trouble justifying the importance of serving his time as a juror. According to your article, Moore thinks he has "better things to do than serve jury duty" and whines that "it's very inconvenient." Well, I have some advice for Matt and people like him who don't want to give anything back to their country -- move!

In fact, why don't you try moving to a country where the right to a trial by a jury of your peers is not written in the constitution?

Maybe to a place such as Iran, or a country run similar to how Iraq and Afghanistan used to be run.

Someplace where, instead of a trial by a jury of your peers, they give you a trial run by a corrupt judge who cuts off your hands for a crime you may or may not have committed. Someplace where you will not have to waste a day or two of your precious days off -- once every five or so years -- to give back to the great democracy in which you live.

Our country is built on the foundation of personal freedom, liberty, and three very small words, "We the People." Without serving our duties as Americans, including jury duty, registering to vote and voting, we are no longer "We the People." We are defunct nation, or worse, we are a dictatorship.

If you don't want to give anything back to your country to help democracy run smoothly and just for all, than maybe you should find a new country.


Amanda Ellis


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