Families: Remembering Chance Phelps with a poem


It was one year ago today, April 9, that our precious Chance R. Phelps, USMC, went home to be with the Lord.

To all the community and our church families, we say thank you for your continued payers, love and support.

We'd like to share the following poem, author unknown, in Chance's memory.

When I see our flag waving

in front of our home,

And when I can salute that flag

without fear of reprisal,

I remember you.

When I remember you,

I think of the sacrifice you made

so we could have these things.

I think of your commitment and your service beyond mere duty.

I think of all that you have given so I and those whom I love can be free.

When I pray at night and give thanks for the blessing God has given, I remember you.

John, Tonee and Chris Gingrich;

Kenny Pollnow;

Tim and Ina Faye Mack and all of our families


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