D. Vallejos: Craig


There are many good busineses in Craig, and I try to keep most of my business in Craig. Occasionally I am fortunate to experience exceptional service from a local merchant, and I would like to share this.

I am a victim of my computer on a regular basis, and when it gets the best of me, I resort to the computer shop.

Recently, I tried the Copy Shop for the first time. I was very, very impressed and grateful for the time they gave me.

With the hours they spent trying to fix my computer, if they had billed me all of them, I could have paid enough for a new computer. They were sensitive to my distress and anxiety, and Scott kept telling me, "We'll take care of you."

Tamera graciously tolerated my presence in her space, and Alex cheerfully aided Tamera in consoling me. Bryan always had a big smile, and Scott (the owner), Bob and Marilyn made sure that every time I walked through the door, I was treated as a valued customer. I know I was a pain, but they never let on!

Thank you to all the great people at the Copy Shop, and please, if there is a computer God, let mine run smoothly for a while longer.

D. Vallejos


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