Elk foundation raises $36,000


The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation raised $36,000 at its annual banquet Saturday.

Eighty-four people renewed their memberships with the foundation, and about 20 percent to 30 percent of those who attended bought new memberships, foundation member Sue Syvertson said.

Proceeds are used for habitat improvements for elk and other wildlife.

In 2004, the foundation's Project Advisory Committee appr-oved funding for 23 projects. The foundation granted $293,310 to help complete those projects.

Approved projects included:

13,391 acres of elk summer range and riparian areas were treated to control noxious weeds.

Fire will be used to enhance 8,789 acres of prime elk habitat.

Fertilize 600 acres to incr-ease quality, quantity and palatability of critical elk winter range in the Eagle Valley.

Drill two wells and install two windmills to provide water sources for livestock and wildlife and improve the grazing system on the new James Mark Jones State Wildlife Area to improve forage quality on elk winter range that winters 800 to 1,200 elk.

The foundation also approved permanent land protections and conservation education projects, including:

4,861 acres were acquired by the BLM in Huerfano County.

2,544 acres of wildlife habitat were protected through conservation easements held by RMEF in four counties.

2,048 acres were approved for conservation easement protection in northwest Colorado.

Amended two conservation easements to strengthen the natural resource protection for the properties.

The Rocky Mountain Elk Foun-dation was founded in 1984. Its headquarters are in Miss--oula, Mont.

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