Star student for April 2


Eight-year-old Aubrey Campbell is everything a star should be, according to her teacher.

Campbell is a second-grade student at Ridgeview Elementary School.

"She's just one of those wonderful, perfect kids," Jennifer Stagner said. "On top of being an exceptional academic student, she's kind and caring and always thinks of others."

Campbell met questions with a broad smile and a little dance. She said she likes school and she likes riding the bus after school.

Stagner said Campbell is a voracious reader, and Campbell agreed that's her favorite subject. She loves the Junie B. Jones series because "it's funny."

After school, she likes to play on "her" computer.

"Really, it's mine and it's a flat-screen," she said.

She's the only child living at home right now.

Spoiled rotten?


"I'm a rotten, spoiled kid," she said with another big grin.

Campbell also enjoys playing Monopoly, jumping rope and hula hooping.

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