Don't knock door-to-door campaigning

Commissioner candidates seek votes as election nears


Commissioner candidate Terry Carwile estimates he's knocked on more than 1,000 doors while campaigning in Moffat County.

The Democrat running for District 1 is trying to knock on 50 doors a night in Craig, then meet county residents during the weekends.

"From a candidate standpoint, there's nothing better than getting out and having one-on-one contact with the electorate," Carwile said.

With about five weeks to go until Election Day, the candidates for open seats on the Moffat County commissioner board are at various stages in their campaigns.

After a landslide victory over Commissioner Les Hampton in the primary election, Republican Tom Gray has yet to gear up his campaign again. Gray circulated throughout the city and county knocking on doors during that campaign.

Gray, a rancher from north of Craig, defeated Hampton by running on a platform of small government and fiscal responsibility.

Gray is planning to put his signs out again soon, but he didn't share additional campaign plans. He'll run against Carwile, a miner at Trapper mine.

If elected, Carwile said he would like to develop reserves for the Road and Bridge Department fund, advocate continued free tuition for the Community College of Northwestern Colorado, and consider hiring a county manager in a year or so.

Saed Tayyara, former Craig mayor and a retired restaurant owner, also has been campaigning door to door. He's visited Maybell and the outlying communities of Craig and plans to travel to Dinosaur next week.

"I'm just trying to present my ideas to the public and hope they evaluate to see whose best to serve them," Tayyara said.

Tayyara said that if elected, he'd like to talk to the other commissioners about selling county properties he described as "liabilities," such as the old road and bridge shop at the Moffat County Fairgrounds and the courthouse annex. He'd like to sell these buildings and return them to the tax rolls.

Tayyara, like Gray, has been a strong proponent of solidifying county and city services where possible. Tayyara, Gray and Carwile have pledged to rebuild county reserves.

Tayyara is running against unaffiliated candidate Stan Hathhorn, owner of Magnum Metals. Hathhorn won't speak with the Daily Press.

Carwile said many of the issues residents mention aren't under the governance of county commissioners. But no one has given him the third degree about Bill Clinton, something that happened regularly in 2002 during his run for Legislature.

When candidates raise issues such as power plant security and the Colorado Department of Wildlife's ranching for wildlife program, Carwile said he explains who could work on tthem, then tries to steer the conversation to his own campaign goals.

Tayyara has had similar campaign experiences. Residents speak to him about President George W. Bush, Congress and proposed state amendments, but he said he tries to go back to local issues.

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