New sidewalks for Yampa Avenue

Work should be completed by October


Sidewalks on the east side of Yampa Avenue are undergoing repairs, but stores along the route are open for business.

Some sections of curbs were not draining properly, and at least one business owner complained that water was spilling into the basement, said Jim Ferree, Craig's city manager.

Work will be halted during the Golden Leaf Festival scheduled for Sept. 25.

"It's just a small section of what we've been doing this year," Ferree said.

The city spends about $150,000 on street repairs and maintenance, but this project reflects only a portion of those costs. City workers also have been seen this summer chip-sealing alleys and repairing roads.

Although workers have cordoned off a section of the sidewalk in front of The Kitchen Shop, owner Nadine Daszkiewicz said she didn't think it was deterring business.

"The caution tape isn't real nice, but (the workers) seem to be doing a good job," she said.

Workers are tearing up the concrete with large machinery, but first they asked Daszkiewicz to secure items on the walls.

"They've been very considerate of business," she added.

Sidewalks should be completed before the month's end, Ferree said.

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