CMS ups progress reporting


A new reporting system at Craig Middle School will ensure that parents know how their child is doing before it's too late to make changes.

Three-week progress reports were mailed to parents Wednesday. The new three-week system means parents will get two updates on progress between report cards instead of just one.

The new system was established to coincide with one of the school's goals of providing early intervention to students who are struggling.

The progress reports will include studentss grades in each class, as well as their citizenship grade and tips for academic success.

In the past, reports were given out at parent-teacher conferences. That will change this year.

"We're mailing them in advance so parents can prepare and determine whether there are specific teachers they need to spend more time with," Principal Steve Wiersma said.

Six-week progress reports will be mailed Oct. 6, and report cards will go out Oct. 29.

Another change geared toward student success means students no longer are penalized for failing classes by being benched from athletic participation.

Wiersma said that both extra-curricular activities and academics are important to a student's overall success and punishing a student for a lack in one by taking away the other isn't a formula for success.

What might be, though, is a program that provides homework assistance to all students logging a "D" or an "F."

CMS provides an eighth-hour Prescribed Assistance Study Session class for students who fall into that category and gives students who arrive between 7:55 a.m. and 8:09 a.m. the opportunity to study in the cafeteria. A teacher is on duty to help them.

A major philosophy change is that students won't receive a "zero" for work not turned in or turned in late.

"We think the work is important, and we want it done," Wiersma said.

The changes are part of the school district's "failure is not an option" mission. Similar interventions are being put in place in each Moffat County School.

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