Craig man out on bond

James Pogline released from jail


A Craig man with a history of felony charges in Moffat County has been released from jail on $25,000 bail.

James Pogline, 32, has posted a real property bond for his release through a home owned by Calvin and Joyce LeBlanc.

Pogline was in jail on charges stemming from an April 20, 2004, case in which he allegedly possessed a gram or less of methamphetamine and violated bond conditions from previous cases -- both felonies. The original bond was set at $100,000, but a judge reduced it to $25,000. Pogline is set to appear before a judge in the case Sept. 23.

Law enforcement officers searched Pogline's apartment after securing a warrant and found three "gram bags" that contained a white powder residue that later tested positive for methamphetamine, according to court documents.

During the search, officers also said they found a glass pipe, two water bongs, an electronic scale and $150 in cash on an address book that belonged to Pogline, court documents stated.

Charges have been dismissed in another case that alleges James Pogline, along with his brother, Steven Pogline, forcibly drugged a woman in an April 9, 2004, incident. James Pogline previously was being held on a $500,000 bond in that case.

Deputy District Attorney Amy Fitch said the case was dismissed because the alleged victim, who was the only witness in the case, refused to testify.

"Without the cooperation, there simply was no way to prove it," she said. "There was no point to waste judicial resources. That was the case with the highest bond. It was the most severe of all the cases."

Charges also have been dropped against Steven Pogline in the alleged drugging case.

Steven Pogline, 30, awaits sentencing Sept. 27 in a plea agreement that has the potential to send him to prison for up to eight years.

Fitch said prosecutors pushed for high bonds in the Poglines' cases because of "concerns for community safety."

"That's the whole purpose of setting high bonds to ensure that the defendant shows up," she said. "In these cases, the bonds were set considerably higher than the bond schedule."

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