Jean Fuka: Hankinson, N.D


To the Editor:
On Aug. 19, I had stopped in Craig for gas and was heading north out of town when I picked up a nail and had a flat tire on my motorcycle.

I was about eight miles out of town and immediately a gentleman stopped with an air compressor in the back of his pickup, but my tube had too many holes in it to hold air. A couple of women stopped to see if we were OK. My husband rode back into town and found Chad Zimmerman at Action Motorsports, who agreed to come out with a trailer after work to pick up my bike.

In the meantime, another gentlemen stopped, Dean Hollenbeck, who is vice president of your local college. He went back home and called Chad to remind him and then came back to tell us he got ahold of him. The next morning, he stopped at Action Motorsports to make sure that we were being taken care of. Chad picked my bike up, dropped us off at a motel, and the next morning my bike was fixed and we were on our way before noon.

How refreshing it was to be away from home (we're from North Dakota) and find people who were willing to help. Thank you to all who were involved, especially Chad and Dean. And to the Moffat County Sheriff's deputy who drove right by us without slowing or stopping to see if we were OK, we say: Maybe you can take some advice from these local residents and do the same next time Many thanks again to Chad and Dean, you're definitely assets to your community.

Jean Fuka

Hankinson, N.D

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