Star student: Caitlin Harjes


Third-grader Caitlin Harjes is a little shy when it comes to talking about herself, but others aren't.

And what they say is nothing but good.

"She is just the nicest little girl," East Elementary School Principal Diana Cook said. "She's so responsible -- the quintessential student. She takes care of others and herself, and she's nice to other people."

Cook said Caitlin loves school, an observation the 8-year-old is inclined to agree with.

What does she do for fun?

"Homework," she said.


"Yes, homework's fun," she said.

Caitlin said math is her favorite subject, likely because her father is a math teacher.

She also enjoys playing with her friends.

"She got a letter from the president," one of her classmates contributes to what is really becoming a one-sided conversation.

What did the letter say?

She doesn't know.

What did the president write?

She doesn't remember.

Why did Caitlin write?

Because she and President Bush have the same birthday.

She brought the reply to school and shared it with classmates, who were equally awed.

Caitlin, Cook said, always has a smile on her face and comes to school each morning ready and excited to learn.

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