Homeowners prove Halloween not just for kids


Trick-or-treaters making the rounds in Craig neighborhoods tonight should beware of a few houses.

Some families in the area take Halloween to the extreme, and they're ready to spook children and adults alike as they go door to door asking for goodies.

Mike and Betty Fredrickson, who live on Barclay Street, built a 10-foot spider and placed it in their front yard.

"We wanted something big that stands out," Mike said.

"Oh, it definitely says 'hello,'" Betty said.

What's more is the creature appears to be eating a child, with legs dangling out of its mouth.

"We've looked up and down the street and don't think anyone's missing kids," Mike said.

As visitors make their way past mummies, ghosts and bats, they should be prepared for the woman in the window. A witch stands guard in the front window, and is just disguised enough to make visitors take a second startling look.

The characters decorating Lorraine Gonzales' yard on 10th Street are a little more obvious. She has a number of large blow-up figures of a vampire, spider, witch and ghost in her yard.

"My husband (Felix) loves that blow-up stuff," she said. "It's been a collection now going on for four years."

She said their yard is decorated for every holiday, though they have the most blow-ups for Halloween.

"We try to do all the holidays because we have grandkids, and they really enjoy it," she said.

The Fredricksons also said they get into the Halloween spirit for their children, but Vicki Huyser, who lives on Sixth and Taylor streets, has realized she gets excited herself.

"I've been doing it for years," she said. "I used to say I did it for the kids, but the kids are all grown and gone now, so I guess I did it for myself."

She now has a 2-year-old grandson named Andrew who enjoys the decorations, as well.

"Andrew loves the stuff," she said. "We have to do a walk around the yard two or three times."

Huyser has many sound- and motion-activated spooks in her yard that make scary sounds when people walk by. She also decorates inside her house and enjoys scaring others.

"I put spiders in the mailbox for the mail lady," she said. "It's just fun, and I love to do it."

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