David Pressgrove: Over the hill


Snow, snow, go away, come again some other day -- preferably when all of the Moffat County High School athletics teams don't have to travel through the Rocky Mountains for the weekend.

With cross country, volleyball and football competing on the Front Range this weekend, there was a small migration of Moffat residents driving through the snow to get to the games Thursday and Friday. There was something like 17 substitute teachers at the high school Friday because of the migration.

I just finished navigating through the snow on Rabbit Ears and the I-70 corridor. It's frustrating how drivers can never find a happy medium when driving in a low-visibility snowstorm. They either drive 15 or 50 miles per hour. Either way it endangers everybody else because the ninth car in a row of 10 is going to try to pass everybody behind the 15 mph driver, or the 50 mph driver could slide out of control right in front of you or while they pass.

I digress.

Melinda Mawdsley, a sports writer for the Steamboat Pilot and Today, and I are sharing the trip this weekend because both volleyball teams are in the same district in Colorado Springs. She took over driving for me once we got to Denver so I could finish this column.

When this week finishes I will have spent all but one day on the Front Range. I would have Front Ranged it everyday if I had traveled with the football team Thursday, but I had too many loose ends to tie up at work to leave early.

I'm not complaining, I enjoy the trip "over the hill" as football coach Kip Hafey said in the football preview.

If I'm over the hill it usually means one of two things: I'm covering some sort of post-season event or I'm on vacation. I've had a little bit of both this week.

Last Friday I drove to Denver after the Rifle football game and flew to Nebraska on Saturday. That day I attended the wedding of former Craig Daily Press employees Josh Nichols and Katie Perkins (I also went to see about a girl, as they say in "Good Will Hunting," but that's for another column).

I flew back Monday, drove to Craig and at 9 a.m. Tuesday I joined the boys soccer team for their trip to the playoffs.

Looking back I wish I had looked further ahead sometime last week.

If I had realized that four Moffat County High School fall sports were going to be on the Front Range I might have been able to cash in on my trips.

I could have written a column last weekend offering my services to anybody who has early Christmas shopping needs that are only available on the Front Range. Of course, I would have charged a small fee.

I need the cash, my car at this very moment, 2:10 p.m., Friday, Oct. 29, just reached 100,000 miles so that means it depreciated by at least $2,000 in a matter of seconds.

It would have been fun to write from Folsom Field at the University of Colorado. The football team practiced there this morning. I'm sure that was a fun trip for the guys. I just hope they washed their stuff before they left because those football buses, whew, they can stink worse than ... well ... for lack of a more rank reference, a football locker room.

One of my favorite events to cover every year is the state cross-country meet. Several reasons make it enjoyable for me but two really stick out: I relive the high school glory days of running and Colorado always has some of the elite prep runners in the country.

This year is no different.

The Class 4A boys race has the four best runners in the state. The local favorite has to be Palisade's Glen Randall, just because we get to watch him run away from everybody else on the Western Slope every weekend.

The girls 4A race could feature the best female high school runner I've ever watched. Summit's Whitney Anderson broke 17 minutes last weekend at the Western Slope regional. I'll put that in perspective since that time means little to the nonrunning fan.

I broke 17 minutes only six times in my high school career and somebody thought I was good enough to offer me a D-II scholarship.

The meet also will be good to see both MCHS cross country teams running well at state once again. Last year was not a typical MoCo cross-country season with finishes out of the top 10 for both teams.

Well we're close to arriving at Cheyenne Mountain, where the volleyball team is hoping to pull off some upsets and make it to the regional .

Enjoy the weekend sports coverage. I'm sure I will.

It's always fun to go over the hill and through the woods to cover some Bulldogs.

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