Barbara Crawford: Exposure to God


Thank you for publishing thought-provoking letters from members of our community. I read the letter section first, I suppose because the people of our area matter to me, and pondering issues that matter to them brings us closer to understanding each other. Last week you ran a letter from the Rev. Gay Albers. I enjoy this woman as a person, and her letter certainly made me think. I do not recommend theft of political signs any more than I recommend theft of vehicles or yard ornaments or any other thing. On a different level, though, I began to wonder whether Jesus could be a Democrat. I can't picture my Jesus saying "let the little children come to me, except those you've chosen to delete." I also struggle with my Jesus saying that a man who lies with another man is an abomination before the Lord, unless married by the state. Don't get me wrong, I don't think Jesus is a Republican, either, but I do think that we who wear his name are called to a higher standard. Threatening legal action is not the spirit of my Lord -- the 7 times 70 rule does apply here. Her letter may have been the only exposure some folks have to who God is this week. It devastates me that their impression of Godliness is vengeance rather than love.


Barbara Crawford


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