Student fee increase approved

Education board removes $100 cap for athletics participation


Moffat County parents will be paying higher fees next year when their children sign up to be in a high school sport.

The change won't go into effect until next year, but parents will feel a pinch this year in increased room fees.

The Board of Education approved Thursday night an increase in athletic participation fees from $25 a sport to $40 a sport. They also removed the cap that limited total fees to no more than $100 a family.

"That could really be a hardship on families," board President John Wellman said.

The recommendation came from the district's activities council.

"The activities council thought $40 to participate really was a small price to pay," high school Principal Jane Krogman said.

Students who qualify for free or reduced priced lunches can apply to waive activity fees.

The cost to participate in clubs or co-curricular organizations will remain at $25.

The increase will go into effect in the 2005 school year.

The amount students pay to take an overnight trip for an extracurricular event also will increase from $10 a night to $15 a night.

That increase goes into effect for the winter season.

"We're recommending that change for this winter season because those rates are entirely out of line with what we're paying out," Krogman said.

The School Board will address at its November meeting a proposed increase in gate fees for athletic events. The measure would increase the cost for a two-person pass from $40 to $60 beginning next school year.

In other business, the board of education:

n Honored Craig resident Sheryl Spears for her part in earning the International Reading Association award for local community service. Spears was the driving factor behind a program that makes books available to children for free through doctor, dentist and veterinarian offices in Craig.

"It's been really rewarding, to see preschoolers in need of books are being read to," Spears said. "They can't say they don't have books because we're providing them for free."

n Accepted the 2003 budget audit report from Certified Public Accountant Greg Hamilton. He reported that nothing negative stood out in his evaluation of the district's budget. He did tell board members to pay attention to the level at which they were spending into district reserves.

"You can do it, but you can't do it forever," he said.

n Adopted a supplemental budget for the 2004-2005 school year. After the budget was approved, several sources of revenue came in higher than anticipated by $156,320. The increase is attributed to increased mineral lease revenues as well as the award of an at-risk and expelled students grant.

n Awarded a bid to purchase a new school bus to Colorado West for $72,575. The district budgeted $86,000 for the purchase.

n Adopted a regulation revising the school's policy on corporate sponsorships. The policy now includes that not only does the product advertising align with standards of good taste and reflects the positive values of the Moffat County School District, that the product itself and the service do the same.

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