Senate District 8 candidates sound off: Jack Taylor, Republican


Dear Citizens of Senate District 8:

As we enter the last week of the 2004 election campaign, I want to share some thoughts with you.

This is our sixth campaign and my wife, Geneva, and I have always run grassroots, positive, honest, upbeat and clean campaigns. We deal in facts and the truth. We have no paid employees or staff. We deal directly with people in all six counties in Senate District 8. We like it that way and enjoy the interface with the people.

Our campaigns have avoided using negative ads and we have refused to use them. If you hear a radio ad that says, "This is State Senator Jack Taylor and I approve this message," or see a written ad that says, "Paid for by Jack Taylor for Senate, Johnette Phillips, Treasurer" -- those are our ads. Any others are not our ads.

I have endured the numerous negative attacks directed at me by a Democrat 527 Committee (Forward Colorado, State Sen. Joan Fitz-Gerald, secretary) and my opponent with as thick a skin as I can muster. Forward Colorado telling untruths and misconstruing the facts is one thing, but to be openly called a liar on a radio ad is going too far. My integrity has been unfairly questioned.

It is time to speak up. Geneva and I are as sick and tired, turned off, upset, dismayed and disgusted as are many of you.

For what part our campaign may have played in your reprehension of this whole process, we apologize. We have played it straight just as we have in the previous five campaigns.

It is a tragedy that the system and lack of integrity have allowed this to happen. Federal legislation (McCain-Feingold) and a Colorado Constitutional change (Amendment 27), both in 2002, enable the use of soft money in 527 committees to go unaccounted for, resulting in the negative attack ads.

But they don't have to be negative, they don't have to twist the truth, they don't have to lie about issues, votes, truth and people. So it still comes down to people, on both sides of the political aisle, calling these shots.

Perhaps the saddest part of this "new campaign style" at all levels of the political system is that I fear our country will be tragically divided after this election at a time in which we cannot afford to be divided.

If elected one more time I assure you I will do whatever I can, at both the state and federal level, to clean up this campaign finance mess.

During the balance of this campaign we will "stay the course" we have always used. We still think it is best, and will always think that way.

My vote is not for sale to anybody, at any time, at any price, -- period! Experience counts in any job. Now is not the time to change horses.

I respectfully ask, and thank you, for your vote!

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