Joe Herod: Craig


Serving on the Craig City Council, I have a whole new appreciation for all the time and energy that elected officials, community board members and committee volunteers spend serving their community. Therefore, I have decided to tell you about two gentlemen who are running for the upcoming county commissioner race.

Saed Tayyara has been attending Craig City Council meeting for well over a year. Not only does he attend the City Council meetings, he goes to board meetings of the hospital, library, Club 20, Yampa Valley River District, airport, county commissioners, intergovernmental, and so on. Saed is very committed to having as much knowledge about every aspect of our community as he can and be able to communicate to others what is happening, not only in our community but the valley.

Tom Gray also has been attending the City Council meeting for the past year. One of the issues in the county commissioner race has been communications between the City of Craig and Moffat County and how we can better improve our communications and have more intergovernmental collaboration.

If elected, these two men are committed to helping the city and county work together so that our community and citizens gets the best for all our taxpayer dollars.

I appreciated the interest these two men have shown towards our community.

When marking your ballot please give consideration to these dedicated county commissioner candidates.

The success of our county and city depends greatly on who we elect.


Joe Herod

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