Volleyball players show growth


When volleyball players reach the varsity level, time shouldn't be spent teaching them how to pinpoint a serve. That was supposed to be ingrained during their time on the freshman and JV teams.

At least that is the view of Moffat County High School freshman coach Courtney Jenison and JV coach Jennifer Preece.

"Skill growth" is what Preece said she hopes her players come away with during a season.

Both coaches said they were impressed with the way their players improved throughout the season.

"We had two or three girls who could barely serve," Jenison said. "By the end of the season they had no problem and they could aim their serve."

The underclassmen teams finished their seasons last week. The JV team finished at 9-10, and the freshmen were 8-9.

"Our record is no indication of how well they played," Jenison said. "They improved tremendously and played awesome late in the year."

Preece said when her team ran its offense, it won matches.

"They would test the waters early, and if it was a match they felt they could compete in, they played well," she said. "If we ran the offenses, we played well."

Improvement in serving is another aspect of the team that Preece noted as a season highlight.

"Some of our more consistent servers started to work on a jump serve," she said. "Nine out of 10 times when I would call a zone for a serve, it went there."

Both coaches also were happy with the way their teams picked up what they were teaching.

"I really didn't have to tell them much," Preece said. "They knew how things were supposed to look."

"Some practices (when) I wasn't there, they were disciplined enough to go through things themselves," Jenison said. "They were definitely doing things I didn't do as a freshman."

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