City revenues down


Conservative budgeting and careful spending means city officials aren't overly concerned about less-than-anticipated sales tax revenue for August.

City Finance Director Bruce Nelson reports that revenues calculated for August are 5.7 percent below what was expected. The city budgeted to receive $210,000 and earned $202,850.63.

To date, the city has collected nearly $3,000 less than anticipated, but expenditures are down, too.

In every fund except the general fund, expenditures are less than revenues. In the general fund, 69 percent of the budgeted revenues have been collected and 73 percent of the budgeted funds have been spent.

"A lot of major expenditures have already been made so that will slow the spending," City Manager Jim Ferree said.

The portion of the sales tax that is collected in the county and distributed to the city also was down for August, but year-to-date numbers put the city $18,742 ahead.

"Overall, we're still in the black as far as actual expenditures versus budgeted expenditures," Ferree said. "We're where we projected."

Hopes are high as some of the best months for revenue are approaching.

"We'd really like to see some growth," Nelson said. "We're hoping the next three months are better than normal."

The waste fund -- an enterprise fund that derives its revenue solely from fees -- is $1,539.30 below projections, with water sales in July and September below average. That was offset by high use in February and May.

The wastewater fund, also an enterprise fund, is $40,323.14 ahead, and the solid waste fund is $60,932.07 flush.

The only fund in which the city continuously charts a loss is in landfill fees. The city is $28,441.67 in the hole.

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