Rev. Gay Albers: Moffat County resident


Sorry, teenagers. I hate to assume that you are responsible for taking a John Kerry campaign sign out of my yard (and the yards of many others in Craig), but it would be much more embarrassing and less understandable if adults did such a petty, sophomoric thing. You, at least, have a little better excuse for acting immature.

Parents of teenagers with wheels: If you bad-mouth either candidate for president of the United States at home, please sit down with your children and give them a civics lesson. It's fine to vilify the "other" candidate, to disagree and all that, but consider the alternative to multiple candidates: In many countries, people arrive at the polling place to find only one candidate on the ballot. That's what we call a dictatorship. I don't think any of us want to live there. Freedom -- which requires having choices -- is the cornerstone of our democracy.

Freedom also has its reasonable limits. For instance, if I catch you on my property stealing another sign, I have the freedom to call the sheriff, and you have the freedom to appear in court for trespassing and stealing. Got it? I hope so! It will make you a better citizen in the long run, which is what we really, really need!


Rev. Gay Albers

Moffat County resident

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