Clerk's office swamped

Early voting on pace to top primary


Whether it's the issues, the candidates or the feeling of civic responsibility that are driving people to the polls, voters are getting there early and often.

Moffat County Deputy Clerk and Recorder Lila Herod reports that as of Monday morning, nearly 2,300 people had either cast their votes early or requested absentee ballots.

That number is nearly the total voter turnout for August's primary election.

"Early and absentee voting have kept us going nonstop," Herod said. "It's sheer craziness down here."

Craig resident Norma Hahn isn't one of the thousands of undecided voters on whom experts say this election hinges.

She's watched the debates, read about the initiatives and knows for whom and what she'll vote.

She picked up her ballot Monday.

"I've made up my mind," she said.

She's not alone. Karla Haddock plans to go to the polls for what she terms "a critical election."

This week, Herod will be conducting judge's school for adults and students and getting supplies organized. She also will handle the influx of people who arrive in the Clerk and Recorder's Office to cast their ballots.

At one point, she said, there were more than 30 people lined up for their few minutes in the two voting booths set up for early voting.

The clerk's office motor vehicle's division will be closed Nov. 2 so that personnel can help at the Centennial Mall, this year's new central polling place of all Craig-area precincts.

Only residents of Dinosaur, Maybell, Browns Park and Hamilton will not vote at the mall.

Some people have not been able to vote because they didn't bring identification -- a problem Herod hopes will be alleviated on Election Day.

"We really want to stress that people have to bring their identification to the polls," she said.

"We're really strict about that given the recent controversy."

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