Bob Sweeney: Native son


First, let me compliment you on the vast improvements that you have made in The Craig Daily Press.

The printing is excellent and the content is interesting. My friends keep making the trip to the cemetery. One friend is still around and seeking to serve his beloved Moffat County one more time, that being Saed Tayyara.

Saed brought Kentucky Fried Chicken to Craig and always was very progressive for community projects. We attended the inauguration of President Regan together, and Saed, Joy, Gerri and I had lunch in the Washington Hilton where Saed worked as a busboy when he first arrived in America. He is part of the great American story and the chapters continue. He has spent his life serving others and worked in kitchens, coal mines and community service.

Saed will make an excellent county commissioner, keep everyone on their toes, and give Moffat County some additional energy.

Best regards to all,

Bob Sweeney,

Native son

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