Calls for police show increase


Craig Police officers are responding to average of 150 more calls a month this year, officials said.

"We are getting more calls, and they tend to be drug-related," said Cpt. Jerry DeLong of the Craig Police Department.

Police responded to 1,287 calls in September, which is up 110 calls from the same time last year.

This year, police have responded to 11,470 calls as of September. With three months left this year, officers have responded to 12,244 calls, almost as many as they did in all of 2003.

DeLong said the increase in the call load has officers "acting reactive instead of proactive."

That may mean that officers are busy handling calls instead of patrolling, he said.

"Officers might be out on a domestic violence call instead of making the rounds at a school or in town," he said.

The department agreed in budget talks with Craig City Council to keep on an extra position. It was filled when another officer filled the job of Brian Soper, who was called to Iraq. Soper has returned. The department will lose one position when an officer leaves the force, DeLong said.

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