Seventh-graders win title


The seventh-grade Craig Middle School volleyball team gave a shock Saturday when it defeated top-seeded Meeker in the district championship.

Coach Susan Gregg said Meeker was the favorite.

"We had lost to Meeker earlier in the season," she said. "But we played well in the tournament."

Gregg said he A, B and C teams improved drastically throughout the season.

"Some could barely hit it at the start of the season," she said. "Then toward the end, we were setting things up. All of the girls improved."

The A team finished with a 6-3 record, including the two wins in the district tournament.

"Our secret weapon was Lindsey Yoast's serve," Gregg said. "She would get nine or 10 points every time."

The teams to defeat the seventh-graders were Granby, Hayden and Meeker.

The eighth grade A team had its struggles this season.

The team finished 0-8, which included two losses in the district tournament.

"We would start out strong almost all of our matches," assistant coach Debbie Markham said. "But there were times when they didn't work well together."

Markham said that despite the struggles, there were some improvements from everybody.

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