Voters asked to continue district mill levy override


The Meeker School Board is asking voters to continue for another five years the mill levy override the district has had in place since 1999.

Superintendent Dan Evig said the mill levy override is important to district funding.

"We will continue to keep our textbooks up to date, focus on recruiting and retaining the best teachers and keep our pay scale and benefits package," he said.

If approved, the mill levy override will allow the district to receive an additional $404,670 each year for the next five years. The district will not seek a tax increase at this time.

"Times are tight and with the current economics, we felt it was best to not put anymore burden on our taxpayers," he said.

Maintaining small class sizes is at the top of the board's agenda. Mary Strang, board president, said the district plans to add a third-grade classroom.

"Currently, the classes are at 26 and 28 students, which we think is too many," Strang said. "Especially at the grade school, we think it is important to keep the classes smaller."

Strang also said it would cost residential taxpayers less this time because the district's assessed valuation has risen.

"We have been fiscally responsible in the past and plan to do the same if the public sees fit to pass the mill again," Strang said.

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