Lynda J. Becker: Maybell


To the editor:
I just finished reading one of your front page stories in today's paper regarding Nate Balstad. My first thought after reading the headline was sorrow to see him go. Then it hit me that the way the article was titled did not do Balstad justice.

Balstad did not "quit" anything. He put his life's blood into his job for more than four years. People who do that do not "quit". He and his family are wonderful friends and neighbors to those of us who live in and around Maybell. He was an exceptional role model for many 4-H youths. And he will be sorely missed.

Perhaps a better headline would have read "County loses exceptional agent" or even "Agent leaves after making a positive impact." Just don't say "quit."

Best regards,

Lynda J. Becker


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