Buckskin Network in place to help hunters


The Buckskin Network is a program that involves law enforcement and commercial news media in a cooperative effort to assist the public.

Through a network of participating news media and all Colorado law enforcement agencies, emergency messages are delivered to hunters in the field during the big-game season.

With proper preparation, hunters can assist their families in notifying them if an emergency arises at home.

Hunters should leave complete vehicle information (including license plate numbers), hunting locations and date of return. When plans are changed, hunters should notify their families to update their information.

Hunters with emergencies at home will have their name and hometown announced over the news media, including radio, television and newspaper -- a minimum of three times a day. The times vary from station to station, but are broadcast as close to 6 a.m., noon, and 8 p.m. as possible.

State troopers, wildlife officers, forest rangers, sheriff deputies and other law enforcement agencies are given the information and will look for vehicles and campsites, if their location is known.

If hunters hears their name and hometown announced, they should call the Colorado State Patrol in Craig to receive details of the message.

It is very important to cancel received messages so valuable airtime can be conserved.

The Colorado State Patrol in Craig is the clearing house for the Buckskin Network.

Call any CSP office to leave or receive a message.

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