Shift worker loves job, hates high gas prices


Ron Cox is one of the many shift workers in Moffat County. He likes his job at Tri-State Generation. He doesn't mind the switch between day shift and graveyard too much.

"(The) graveyard shift isn't so bad once you get to work," he said. "And you don't see as many bosses, so you can just do your job."

Cox has worked at the power plant for three years and has no plans to leave. He moved here with his family in 1989. He is a Moffat County High School graduate. The one thing he likes best is the culture.

"You have a great mix of people," he said. "Lots of different, independent thinkers with interesting opinions and views."

When Cox is not working, he likes to spend time with his wife, April, and ride his four-wheeler.

"I wished I had more time to ride, but I take all the overtime offered," he said.

His biggest gripe is the price of fuel in Craig.

"It is aggravating that I can go to any ski town and find cheaper fuel prices," he said.

"You are kind of stuck, because you have to pay it or you don't go anywhere."

Cox would like to see more shopping in town. He would like to see more of the bigger chain stores open in Craig.

"Something like Home Depot would be great here," he said. "It would certainly help the consumer and improve competition."

He said he thinks it is nice to go to the store, knowing he will see familiar faces.

"It is nice walking downtown and knowing you'll see someone you know," he said.

"That is so much better than a big city, where you don't even know your neighbor."

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