Nancy Sadvar: Craig


Thank you for your fair and recent attention to my son Austin Sadvar's case.

On Saturday, your editorial was quite accurate. We, too, do not want this to be made into a racial issue -- it's not! Our son did not hit this boy because he was Mexican; he hit him in self-defense and frankly because he was tired of being harassed by this child.

By a witness account (and my son's), this boy pushed Austin first, and Austin responded in what we think was unfortunately, typical fashion.

Our main concern is that the district attorney is so strenuously pursuing this.

You have noted in both articles that there must be something more to the story -- why else would Bonnie Roesink take time away from criminal cases to prosecute this now 12-year-old boy? Well, that, my friends, is the point. There is nothing else. I admitted the worst of it, the infamous line my son wrote in his statement, "Maybe now he'll start speaking some English."

To a lot of readers, that sounds terrible, I'm sure, but I knew if the worst were out there, I had nothing else to fear. We could go forward with a defense that had nothing to hide.

It's a lot easier to do it that way when your 12-year-old is being scrutinized on his every move.

If it still seems incomprehensible that the district attorney would continue this persecution, that apparently is a thought that a lot of the community shares.

Hence, it is why we are fighting this to the end. There are no extraordinary circumstances here.

Rich, Austin, Annie and I do appreciate all the support we are receiving on this case but it's true, it's really not about race.

The racial aspect makes it evidently more newsworthy -- just ask KHOW Talk Radio with Peter Boyles in Denver, The Denver Post and The Rocky Mountain News -- but to our family here in Craig, it's all about this "kangaroo" prosecution.

Also a note; some may be forgetting there is a child here in the depth of this that is being exploited.

We as a family chose to pursue this with the court system, and never once did we call and ask for such attention.

We think the district attorney must be held accountable for her actions just as she is insisting on holding Austin accountable again, for his.

Please be assured that both of our children are being comforted and consulted on their feelings during this sticky ordeal.

It's "fine" with them, but as parents we are aware of the pressure they feel of being spotlighted. Many thanks.


Nancy Sadvar


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