Moffat County Neighbor


Name: Judy Shelton
Occupation: Children service coordinator, family support consultant, Horizons, 356 Ranney St., Craig

When and why did you move to Craig? We moved to the Meeker area in 1972. Now, we live near my husband's family's original homestead. They homesteaded around 1916. It is beautiful country.

Who is your favorite political figure and why? I would have to say Eleanor Roosevelt is my favorite political figure. Even when I was young, I would look for her articles in magazines. I wanted to make sure never to miss one. I admired her. She was a person in her own right, not just the president's wife. My grandmother encouraged that, really.

Who is your hero and why? My grandmother, Elizabeth Wilson, was my hero. We spent summers with her, and she was an educator from the early 1900s. Education was very important to her and she instilled that in us.
We always spent a good portion of our summer reading.

What is the most rewarding part of living in Moffat County? I like the slower pace of Moffat County. I was raised in Pueblo and we moved to Grand Junction -- which by some standards still is slow-paced -- but now we go back to visit and I just feel our time is in a whirl.
I like living more relaxed.

What is the one thing you would change about your life if you could? I would like to take everything I know now and go back 40 years. There are opportunities we missed that now we wished we would have taken advantage of.
What is the one thing you would change about Moffat County if you could? I am happy with Moffat County. Probably the only thing I would change would be the political bickering that goes on here. The recalls are certainly a waste of time and precious money in my opinion.

What's the one thing about Moffat County that you hope never changes? I hope we never lose the rural feeling, knowing your neighbors.
This community always has a home town feeling. When you pass people on the street, you usually know their first names. I like that.

What is your favorite food? Right now it definitely is Wendy's mandarin chicken salad. It is the best!

Who is your favorite band/singer? I like country-western music. Reba McIntrye is my favorite singer.
What is your favorite pet?
We had a little family dog called Snickers. She was a cocker spaniel and was just great with the children. She was certainly a part of our family.

What is your favorite vacation spot? Arizona is my favorite vacation spot.
My husband and I go for a month in January. We stay on BLM land and just enjoy the desert when the weather is at it worst here in January.

What is your favorite activity in Craig? My favorite activity in Craig is just visiting the neighbors.
We live in the county and we enjoy our comfortable home so we don't do many community functions, but we go for potlucks at the neighbors' homes. Often, someone brings a musical instrument or two, and we enjoy listening to them play and visiting with people.

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