East third-graders enjoy great outdoors

Editors note: Students in the three third-grade classes at East Elementary School collaborated to write about their experiences after returning from their annual overnight trip to Sherman Youth Camp o


Let's go camping
The East Elementary third grade went camping at Sherman Camp on Bear's Ears on Sept. 9 and 10. The third-graders went to Sherman Camp for Outdoor Education like they always do and they had fun also. All the third- graders went into the woods to cook over a campfire, make leaf art and shoot archery.

Mrs. Sperl, Mrs. Burch and Mrs. Beachman's classes went into the woods and roasted biscuits over a campfire. They shaped the rolls like snakes curled around a stick. Once the biscuits were light brown, they took them off the stick and put a bunch of honey on them. Nate, from the CSU Extension Office, showed the third-graders all the stuff that he cooks with over the campfire so he does not have to use wet sticks to cook with. Nate and Alisa showed them about fire safety and how to put a campfire out with sand and water and by stirring it. Nate and Alisa showed them how to make a tepee out of wood for a campfire and put the grass and dry twigs under the campfire and then the campfire is set.

The third-graders made leaf T-shirts. They went into the woods and picked leaves and pressed their fingers on the leaves and painted around the edges. They used yellow, blue, red, black, orange, brown and green paints. They found lots of leaves. The children thought it was exciting. When they went back to school they got their T-shirts back. Then some of the children put their T-shirts on when they went home with their parents.

It was exciting shooting archery. They shot good in the woods. The Smiths helped them shoot archery. The targets were big and round. White was the least points, and yellow was the most points. Some of the people did not want to shoot. The children and adults who shot had fun. Some people missed the target. It was hard for some people to pull the string back and easy for others. Archery was one of the best things the third-graders did.

This news article was written by Brianna Combs, Benji Crippen, Brenden Spencer, Brice White, Ripley Bellio, Shane Porter and Jesse Decker from Mrs. Burch's third-grade class at East Elementary School.

Trip first time for many to be away from home
East Elementary teachers and third graders headed into the great outdoors Sept. 9 and 10 for an outdoor education experience that won't soon be forgotten.

Each year, third-grade students go to Camp Sherman, near Freeman Reservoir, to learn about nature, animal habitats and much more.

When we were hiking, we saw lots of plants and animal signs. We saw a lot of grass, leaves, branches and trees.

We went around a pond with a beaver dam in it. We saw teeth marks on the trees and lots of trees that had fallen down. We hiked through lots of habitat. We saw holes, hives, ponds, salamander homes and trees. We saw lots of wildlife like birds, mammals and squirrels. We didn't see any fish or reptiles. We saw tracks, animal scratches and scat.

Then we went to the meadows edge and played "Thicket" and "Oh Deer" with Mr. Sperl. We did a scavenger hunt with Ms. Wendy. We had fun shooting in archery. We shot bows and arrows.

We also met Jay D., the Mountain Man. He taught us how to make a fire with a metal piece and a rock. He taught us how to load a muzzle loader. First, he poured some gun powder out of his horn and then he put in a bullet and he fired.

Then we sang songs around the campfire. We sang songs such as "Peace Like A River," "Happy Wonder," and "The Eagle." For many students, this was their first overnight trip away from home. We had fun at the sleepover.

At night the boys and girls got their flashlights and played with them. On the girls side, they were flashing their flashlights onto the ceiling of the boys side. (The boys said they stayed up all night watching the ceiling). Then we had story time. And five minutes later, the lights went off and we went to sleep.

The next morning we woke up and started to clean up the sleeping bags. Then we ate breakfast. We went down to the playground and grabbed cereal from Mr. Sperl, the gym coach.

Then we had a relaxing time eating our cereal. We gathered our stuff, loaded the bus and went back to school. It was a blast!

Article by Nestor Arellono, Secia Corball, Jordon Ence, Nicole Ferree,
Sheldon Greenwood, Caitlin Harjes, Tori Moore, Tierra Reeves, Austin Stauffer, Jillian Storey, and Andreina Garcia.

East Elementary third-graders camp out
On Sept. 9 and 10, third- graders from East Elementary School went to Camp Sherman for an overnight camping trip. The following article is written by some of the students who participated in this experience.

On Thursday night, Mr. Jensen came to Camp Sherman and taught us about mountain men. Mr. Jensen makes a good mountain man. He was dressed in leather and had pouches that he kept things in. He also had a muzzle loader gun. It takes a long time to load. To load the gun he had to put gunpowder in the gun. Then he had to cut the bullet top off. He then pushed the bullet in with a long stick the rest of the way. Mr. Jensen also showed us how to make a fire. He put a piece of metal around his fingers and got a sharp rock and slid it down very fast. It made a spark. It was so cool. The mountain men had to wait a year and a month and a half to get a wool coat to keep them warm. He also wore leather shoes that were called moccasins. They were comfortable. Did you know that mountain men had contests? The one that was in first place got to pick from the prize table. We think mountain men were so cool!

The Smith family came up to Camp Sherman to show the third graders how to shoot a bow and arrow. One kind of bow was a long bow and the other kind of bow was a compound bow. We learned safety tips like don't shoot in the air, you need to hear a click before you shoot, and another safety tip is don't shoot yourself. One last safety tip is wear an arm guard. We loved shooting the bows and arrows and a big thanks to the Smith Family for teaching us how to shoot bows!

We went on a hike with Mr. Albee. We saw a beaver dam. On the way there we saw rabbit fur on a bush and a bird's nest. It was cool. We had to walk a long ways, Someone saw a snake. We bounced on logs. We saw beaver teeth marks on the trees. We wish that we could do it again!

Our favorite part was singing around the campfire. We sang "The Long Legged Sailor," "The Eagle," "The Happy Wanderer," "Old Texas," "Kookaburra," and "Bill Grogan's Goat." Mr. Johnson led the songs. The campfire was huge, beautifuland colorful. The wood of the campfire was shaped like a teepee. Every time Mr. Johnson moved away from the smoke, the smoke followed him! Mr. Johnson would plug his ears when we sang VERY loudly. Smoke would get into people's faces and then we couldn't breathe. Everyone was sitting around the campfire, and all the third graders from East were there. We sang from a little song packet. It was so dark that we could barely see the words. The campfire was very bright as the day grew darker. It is hard to sing without a CD player! We had so much fun. We would enjoy going back there another time.

This article was written by Savannah Meyring, Ashley Whiffen, Mikayla Saldana, Owen Nichols, Landon Weis, Alexis Higgins, Dylan Duzik, Brittany Walker, Dyland Trevenen, Taylor Dean, Brenna Ciesco and Emily Lincke.

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