Leanne Crippen: Thank you to volunteer coaches


Every parent in this community should take the time to thank the volunteers who give their time coaching the children in our Parks and Recreation programs.

These coaches work full-time, some work 10- or 12-hour shifts, have other children at home who need help with homework, and they still find time to coach basketball, football, wrestling and so on. Do you know some of these coaches don't have children? They volunteer to teach children the basics of the sports and how to have fun, simply because they love the children.

It saddens me to sit on the sidelines and listen to other parents who never volunteer ridicule and criticize the coach's way of coaching. These people aren't getting paid. They were not hired. They volunteered! From my knowledge, Craig Parks and Recreation has a hard time filling these volunteer positions, so where are the people who are criticizing when Parks and Recreation needs volunteers? Are they too busy? Well, your children's coaches are busy people with families of their own. Give them a break and try saying "thank you" sometime instead of criticizing them. I, for one, want to see these volunteers returning year after year so my children can continue to enjoy all that Craig Parks and Recreation has to offer. If you cannot stop yourself from criticizing and ridiculing, then get off the sidelines and volunteer to coach a team. It is not always as easy as you may think.

Leanne Crippen


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