Gregg and Judy Smith and family: Thank you for support


There are no words to thank the Moffat County community for all that they've done for our family since Gregg's (Smith) accident on July 14. It's been quite a journey that includes miracle after miracle. Some have said he was very lucky. We think that God has something more for him to do.

We want to thank everyone at Bresnan (Gregg's office) and the BLM (my office), Faith Lutheran and St. Michael's congregations and all of the other churches who had us on their prayer lists, as well as our wonderful neighbors and friends. They will never know how very much their cards, well wishes, calls, visits, food and, most importantly, prayers meant to all of us.

Gregg was released from the hospital on Sept. 9, and we returned home on the 16. He is doing very well. He will be receiving therapy at home for some time, and there will be many trips to Denver in our future but, the prognosis is good.

We've always known that this is a wonderful community to live in but, never more than now. We thank everyone so very, very much.

Gregg and Judy Smith and family


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