Just stay off the greens

Yampa Valley Golf Course open for skiers who take precautions


Already cross-country ski tracks are in the snow at the Yampa Valley Golf Course after a few inches of snowfall. Course professional Chuck Cobb doesn't mind. He does hope, though, that skiers will respect the course.

"We've always encouraged skiers to come out," he said.

"We just ask that they practice safety and that they stay off the greens."

It might sound silly to say 'stay off the greens' when they are under a foot of snow, but some of Cobb's least favorite things to see in the spring are holes in the greens other than the ones meant for golf balls.

"The green are the mounds in the snow," he said.

"There are 18 of them, and they shouldn't be that hard to see."

The greens can be damaged two ways by skiers; the poles can poke through the snow and the tracks left by the skis creates a layer of ice on top of the green that can kill the grass.

One other precaution is keeping off of the three ponds at the course.

"The same efforts should be taken on the golf course ponds as would be taken on any other lake," Cobb said.

Sometimes littering is a problem as well.

"We open the course up for anyone and everyone," Cobb said.

"We hope that people will clean up after their animals and not drop trash."

Cobb, who also skis, said that a round-trip at the golf course is 3 1/2 miles.

"It is a good course for beginners because is flat," he said. "The trails at Loudy-Simpson are a bit more challenging."

When it comes down to it, Cobb hopes the course can provide a fun opportunity that takes a little bit of common sense to be successful for everyone involved.

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