Barbara Chaney: Ten Sleep, Wyo


While driving between Craig and Meeker the other day in a snow storm, I hit a slick spot and found myself off the road and in a barrow pit. Somehow I managed to get back up on the highway but discovered I had a flat tire. When I tried to use my cell phone, no service was available in that area.

A very nice young man, whose name I can't remember, kindly stopped, took my AAA card and went to a higher location to call for me.

Then another young man by the name of James Petty, an Australian, stopped and his cell phone worked so he also called, then two other men stopped.

By that time, Gordon Shelley of Cook Chevrolet AAA arrived and towed me back to Craig. He went out of his way to make sure everything was all right.

I was staying at the Deer Park Motel where everyone is so nice and it is so pretty and clean I would recommend it to anyone.

I am writing to thank all of these people who went out of their way for me. Craig must be a wonderful place to live if these people are representative of your community.


Barbara Chaney

Ten Sleep, Wyo

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