Star Student: Mychal Beauchamp


Mychal Beauchamp set out on his bike to collect cans for the Craig Middle School annual canned food drive.

Last year, he collected 515, and this year, he wanted to beat that.

"I knew I was capable of that, and I wanted to do more," the eighth-grader said.

He set a goal of collecting 600 cans to donate to the Interfaith Food Bank.

Two weeks later, he more than doubled his goal when he hauled 1,212 cans to the food bank along with money he also collected.

He went door to door asking for donations, which he stored in his backpack. Using a walkie-talkie, he'd call his mom to come pick up the cans when his bag got too full, but she got tired of going back and forth so much that she ended up just driving behind her son as the cans mounted.

Last year, about 2,000 cans were collected schoolwide at CMS.

"Every year, we go to Grand Junction and have a big dinner with our family and I think, 'Why can't people who go to the food bank have any?'" Beauchamp said.

Beauchamp set a school record for individual collections, far exceeding the record he set last year.

"I had to work a lot harder than last year," he said.

Beauchamp collected cans every night after school for two weeks, expanding his range from just the Ridgeview subdivision to include the Pine Ridge and Woodbury subdivisions.

Even though Beauchamp's favorite class is physical education, he's got a strong academic record earning A's and B's. He said he enjoys school, but his real love is soccer.

Is he good?


"Well, I try to be at least."

His goal is to play professional soccer.

For now, he's content to play soccer, football and basketball in his free time.

He also collects football cards.

How many?

"I couldn't tell you ... a lot," he said.

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