Terri A. Jourgensen, RN, BSN: Moffat County School District school registered nurse


I cannot begin to tell you how thankful and lucky our community is to have such wonderful Lions Club members who provide so much to our quiet little town.

A child's vision is something that is necessary to enhance and develop educational, personal and physical growth. Because of your dedication and mission to assist children, adults and families in providing financial assistance and options for vision screening, I commend you! I cannot express in words, our thanks as a school district, for screening about 250 of our preschool and kindergarten students this fall. The hope and belief is that if we can catch just one of these children early for vision problems, then in my mind that is success!

I want to thank you all for giving up your own time to do these screenings and also to tell you that I appreciate your dedication, professionalism and compassion you bring to the future of our children and students in Moffat County.

My deepest thanks,

Terri A. Jourgensen, RN, BSN

Moffat County School District

school registered nurse

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