Illinois man arrested on poaching charges


An Illinois man was arrested on three misdemeanor charges in connection with a poached elk a few miles outside of Craig.

Jeffery Lee Green, 43, was cited for shooting two elk without a proper and valid hunting license.

Dan Prenzlow, regional manager for the Colorado Department of Wildlife's office in Meeker, said an officer watched Green poach the elk. One of the animals was a spike elk, which is illegal to hunt.

"This guy didn't follow the rules," Prenzlow said.

If caught hunting illegally, in-state residents have the option of paying the fines at a later date. Out-of-state residents have to front the money immediately or they may be arrested for the charges, Prenzlow said.

Green allegedly wanted to the pay the fines but didn't have enough money, Prenzlow said.

Prenzlow didn't know the amount of Green's fines.

DOW officer Mike Bauman of Craig estimates he cites as many as 50 hunters who hail from states across the country. Fines can be levied for a variety of reasons, including catching hunters in the wrong unit and for not having a license or shooting the wrong animal.

"This time of year, poaching can take on many different flavors," he said. "I do write a lot of tickets."

Wednesday was the last day of the fourth combined deer and elk rifle season. Upcoming hunting seasons are mainly on private land and age-specific hunts.

"A whole bunch of hunters are going to be heading out," said Ned Miller, sportsman information specialist at the Craig Chamber of Commerce.

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