Parking problem resolved


The parking lot at Action Motor Sports was paved on Monday, allowing the owner to avoid the substantial financial consequences of a city-imposed deadline by one day.

The owner, Toby Spikes, was spared additional expenses when the Craig City Council agreed to approve a parking and landscaping plan for Action Motor Sports that requires far less landscaping than what Spikes had agreed to.

Spikes has been in council chambers for the past three meetings asking that his agreement to landscape 15 percent of his property be replaced with a new one requiring only 4 percent.

That's because the council amended its landscaping requirements after Spikes agreed to 15 percent under the old rules.

At their last meeting, council members made Spikes a deal: complete the paving portion of his agreement within two weeks and they would OK a new agreement requiring only 4 percent landscaping.

If he missed the deadline, the council would revert to the old agreement and require him to landscape 15 percent.

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