ACE honors Employees


Students in the Moffat County High School Alternative Cooperative Education program traditionally honor employers who have provided students with jobs and training through a school-based work study program.

All participating employers are given certificates of appreciation at a dinner held in their honor.

But two are honored above the rest.

Based on student nominations, Moffat County High School Custodian Curtis Gould and City Market Manager Deb DeWitt were selected as this year's Employers of the Year.

In speeches recited at the dinner, students had this to say about Gould and DeWitt:

Curtis Gould

"We have nominated our employer for several reasons. He is someone we can talk to when we need someone to listen to us. He is friendly and patient with his employees. He showed me how to do my job instead of just telling me what to do and he would give me directions on what I need to do to be successful at work. He is a great boss."

-- Thomas Bartholomew

"Our boss is fun to be around. He taught me that it's important to do a good day's work and not to goof off on the job. He helped me with a job when I needed one and would show me what and how to do my job. He also is kind to his employees."

-- A.J. Hooker

Deb DeWitt

"First of all, I would like to say that Debbie DeWitt is one of the best bosses a person could have. I think that I am very lucky to have her for a boss. Debbie is a very kind-hearted person who would help anyone in any way she could. She likes to tell people when they do a good job or if she is proud of them for something.

"Debbie does her job very well. She tries to be a boss and a friend at the same time. She is and tries to be very fair to everyone in every situation. If there is a problem she talks to that person and deals with it to the best of her ability."

-- Jaya Oliver

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