CIS principal resigns her post

Marth Paxton declines to say why


A principal of three years at Craig Intermediate School submitted her resignation recently to the Moffat County School District.

Martha Paxton declined to comment why she is resigning, but said she would discuss the issue in private with local school board members at an upcoming Board of Education meeting.

"I hope the board will listen to my recommendation," she said. "I will miss my school and I'm pretty proud of what I've accomplished here."

Paxton said, "most of the community knows why" she's leaving her post, but wouldn't discuss those reasons with the Craig Daily Press.

Superintendent Pete Bergmann affirmed Paxton's notice of resignation and said the district has been advertising locally and nationally for the position for the last three weeks.

District officials are forming an interview committee of about a dozen parents, CIS staff and administration to screen new applicants, he said.

The interview process should be underway by mid-April, he said.

Bruce Gregg, who is now a teacher at the school, filled the lead administration role for about 10 years at the school prior to Paxton's hiring, Bergmann said.

Paxton helped CIS and Craig Middle School in the transition to separate from one to two schools, said CIS teacher Mary Blakeman.

"This transition required massive changes and adjustments for the students and staff at CIS," she said. "Ms. Paxton helped the school adapt to the required changes and her legacy will continue through improved student performance at CIS and greater opportunities for collaborative teams to benefit the academic, social and behavioral needs of our students."

"I appreciate the many positive changes she has brought to CIS," Blakeman added.

Paxton said she has a 30-year history in education, with experience in teaching and administration at all grades levels up to high school.

Before filling the role as principal of fifth- and sixth-grade school in Craig, Paxton said she served as the principal of a sixth-grade building in Riverton, Wyo.

Paxton said she is seeking another administrative position in education, but not in the Craig area.

"I do love the community and the kids," she said. "I have a great staff to work with."

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