Letter: Youth is a hero in our eyes


Every day, no matter where you are, you can pick up any paper and read about kids in some kind of trouble. But today is different. Today you can read about a really good kid.

On March 16, our elderly mother went our to check her mailbox. On the way back into her house, she tripped and fell. She tried to catch herself with her left arm. In doing so, she broke her elbow. When her right knee hit the step, it broke her kneecap in half. She was able to roll over to a sitting position. She waved frantically at every car that went past her Barclay Street home. No one stopped to help her.

After about 45 minutes of sitting on the cold cement in horrible pain, along came a young boy. Mom thinks he is about 10 or 11. She asked him if he could help her. He came over to where she was sitting and asked what she needed. She asked him to please go into her house and call 911 for her. He went and made the call and then he stayed with her. Even after the policeman arrived, he still stayed with her. He stayed with her until the ambulance left.

The policeman told us he was a great kid, a real trooper. To mom, he was a guardian angel. To us kids, grandkids and great-grandkids, he will always be a hero. Our hero's name is Nick Glispy. We want him to know how much we appreciate his help. He was kind and caring and very helpful to a little old lady in need. He wasn't too busy to stop.

Also kudos to mom and dad. You have raised a wonderful son; a son you can be very proud of.

So once again Nick, we all thank you.

Gratefully yours,

Patrick and Patricia Wingfield

Stan and Jan Moore

Dan and Carol Moore

Steve and Christy Moore

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