Colorado Symphony to perform in Craig

Moffat County residents get rare opportunity to sample premier music


Residents will have a rare opportunity to sample the sounds of the Colorado Symphony during a free concert the evening of Thursday, March 25.

The Denali Ensemble, three musicians -- a violinist, cellist and violist --from the state's premier chamber music group will be visiting the Craig area for the fourth year in a row.

The concert is open to the community and the group will perform at The First Christian Church, 960 W. Victory Way. The Denali ensemble will also tour Moffat County Schools and play for the district's 1,600 students later this week.

Sandra Kruzcek, a resident who is helping bring the trio to the area, said the group takes pleasure in playing in the Craig area, though the musicians have performed around the world and for notable people such as Pope John Paul II and former first lady, Barbara Bush.

"These men enjoy playing for Craig, they've said that many times," Kruzcek said. "Here, people don't yawn. People are excited to have the opportunity to hear this caliber of music."

The trio, violinist Erik Peterson, violist Philip Stevens and cellist, Thomas Heinrich, enjoys outdoor activities, which is reflected in their name. One musician is an avid bird watcher and another enjoys mountain climbing.

Kruzcek said she hopes that musicians' outdoor interest motivates residents to attend the concert, instead of dismissing the opportunity to hear classical music as "highbrow."

"It is presented in a warm and friendly way," she said. "I think this sort of opportunity is just wonderful for the culture so we can hear the beauty in music and not just the violence."

The Denali Ensemble has been sponsored in past years by Colorado Northwestern Community College. This year it is sponsored by the Craig Elk's Club BPOE no. 1577 and the Craig Concert Association.

The church setting for the concert is an attempt to mimic the origin of chamber music from composers of Mozart's time, Kruzcek said.

It also provides a personal setting for both the musicians and the audience, she said.

"The musicians will be right there in front of the audience," Kruzcek said. "It is just beautiful music."

Listening to live classical music has greater implications on community members, she added.

"This shows children that there are jobs in music and hope in music," she said. "It makes us more passionate."

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