Fire board adopts maintenance plan

District's fleet recently plagued with breakdowns


The Craig Rural Fire Protection District Board has adopted a maintenance policy in the hope of avoiding breakdowns that have recently plagued the fire district's fleet.

The maintenance contract would provide bumper to tailboard inspections on the fire district's fleet of 10 vehicles. The fire district will pay Stewart and Stevenson, a Denver-based emergency vehicle maintenance company, $14,100 for the initial inspection of the vehicles.

"It's something we need to do if we're going to start keeping these trucks. If we'd had this two or three years ago we might have avoided some major repairs," said Tom Cotton, fire board chairman, at the Thursday night meeting.

The contract would cost the board a substantial amount of money during the first year. The cost should decrease as the trucks are well maintained over the years.

Deputy Fire Chief Chris Nichols said Engine 2 had failed the pump inspection because it couldn't generate enough rpm to pump the required water volume. The engine is from 1976 and may have been run on the wrong type of oil for a couple decades. But some fire district members said a maintenance contract might have been able to prevent the problem.

The board did not discuss Tanker 9, which broke down in December with a failed engine. Cotton said a decision on the tanker has been tabled due to lack of funding.

Likewise, the board has yet to make a decision on where to draw the line for the fire protection district. Cotton said the decision isn't too pressing because not that many people petition to get into the district.

Cotton said the board needs another member. He said he'd like the position to be filled by someone with no relation to the fire district. The only requirement is that the board member owns property within the fire protection district.

Interested persons should contact Vicky Slaight at 824-5914 by May 1.

Rob Gebhart can be reached at 824-7031 or by e-mail at

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