Parents need to be involved in their child's high school planning process


What an exciting time of year! Just as our high school seniors are in the home stretch out of high school, our eigth-graders are preparing for their entry into high school! Because time flies, and poor scheduling decisions made now can quickly catch up with a student, make sure you are very much involved in your child's high school scheduling plan. Good planning now will minimize headaches down the road.

With only six "credit" class periods offered a day at Moffat County High School, and 23 credits required to graduate, students cannot afford to accidently take courses they don't need. The Colorado Department of Education recommends making a preliminary map of your child's entire four years of high school as they are planning for their freshman year. If you and your child have not done so, look at the course requirements for graduation, as well as the post-high school plan your child is shooting for, and make a four-year plan of action. I was shocked to discover that there won't be time all four years for my daughter to be in band if she want to complete college prep requirements.

It is unrealistic for any of us to assume a school can know or plan what is best for each individual student. Don't sit back and assume somebody else is going to plan your child's education -- only you and your child know what his or her educational and career aspirations are! If you were unprepared for your eigth-grader's high school scheduling process, call your assigned high school advisor as soon as possible and take the initiative to get your soon-to-be freshman off on the right foot!

Additionally, don't take CSAP testing lightly. Many parents don't realize that schools make decisions about which classes students can take relative to their CSAP scores. Make sure your child gets adequate rest and eats a hearty breakfast on testing days, as well as the encouragement to do their best.

For more information, contact the CSU Moffat County Cooperative Extension Office, 824-9180.

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