4-H members working into their project season


Livestock judging coaches for the Moffat County 4-H Program Chad and Kacey Green are excited about how many eager 4-H members they have enrolled in the activity this year. There are currently about 20 4-H members signed up and a few more that are interested about the program.

The group will meet on Tuesdays from 5:30 to 7 p.m. at the Moffat County Extension Office and will start meeting outside when the weather gets warmer. Their goals for this year are easy and basic: They want to have fun and develop teamwork. Upon completing these goals, the 4-H members will learn about the parts of the animals, breeds of livestock and the importance of evaluating livestock and comparing livestock to an industry standard.

Throughout the season they hope to travel to different contests around the state. The season for juniors will end in Hayden on June 5 and for seniors the season will end at the State 4-H Conference held in June at Colorado State University.

To travel to different contest, the team will be having fund-raisers throughout the year to offset the cost of traveling. Stay tuned to hear about fund-raisers and ways to help the team.

Both coaches are excited and expect to have an excellent year.

4-H Dogs Get Trained

4-H members are busy getting their dogs to sit, stay and heel. The 4-H K-9 Club has been meeting out at the Moffat County Fairgrounds on Tuesdays at 5 p.m. to practice their skills and learn new ones from club leader Shannan Koucherik. Koucherik has been a 4-H dog leader for both Routt County and Moffat County. Her experiences include training service dogs, working dogs and pets for people.

There are currently about 25 members enrolled in this year's dog project. Koucherik is excited to see that this is such a popular project to 4-H members and expects to have 25 well-trained dogs and handlers in the area after the 4-H year is complete.

Koucherik says that this year is really special because of the senior members that are helping out those who are new to the group. A special thank you to those members who are mentoring, teaching and being a great role model: Flo Martin, Dakota Doolin, Katy Nottingham, Lindsey Yoast and Ashley Barber.

This year's class is full but there will be opportunity for additional member next year. Call the Moffat County Extension Office for information at 824-9180.
4-H District Retreat
One hundred and seventy-seven 4-H members were at the Holiday Inn March 5-7. Members from seven different counties attended the annual 4-H District Retreat. This year's theme was "4-H Making the Impossible Possible."

4-H members had the opportunity to listen to different motivational speakers, attend interesting workshops, and build teamwork and develop valuable friendships. To some of the different 4-H members, this is the best part about 4-H -- getting to meet new people and make lifelong friendships.

Both of the speakers really motivated the 4-H members to try new things and be leaders. During their presentations they also told 4-H members about challenges and choices that they will have to make in their life. After the presentations were over, several of the 4-H members told me how much they really enjoyed the speakers and how they can use the information and knowledge in their lives. Having professional speakers come to this event has really provided 4-H members with leadership opportunities and knowledge to become leaders themselves.

During the event, 4-H members had the chance to try out different projects and try different 4-H activities to help them determine if it is of interest to them. As an extension agent. I really like this event because I get to see where 4-H members really have an interest.

As always, the event included a dance so young people could have fun and relax with their 4-H friends. In all, the event was a great success allowing 4-H members to experience new things, learn new leadership skills and make new friends.

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