Village Inn strives to meet needs of entire Craig community


To the editor:

Thank you for calling us on our views from Village Inn. Although I would like to make sure a few things are a little more clear. One is that I did disagree with them (Get R!EAL) sitting in the smoking area, for their health, because there are options at Village Inn to sit in non-smoking and not be bothered by second-hand smoke. Two is, I agree businesses have the right to cater to whomever they choose, and since we do not discriminate against anyone, Village Inn put up a glass wall to make sure we could accommodate both smokers and non-smokers. We also have a sign at the front area that states "Must be 18 years of age" to enter the smoking area or be accompanied by an adult. If they look young, their ID will be checked. Village Inn strives to meet the needs of the entire Craig community, whether young or old, smoker or non-smoker or groups.


Dianna "Denny" Goucher

general manager, Village Inn

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