Teacher disappointed with editorial about demonstration


To the Editor:

As the adult sponsor of Get R!EAL, I was very disappointed to read your editorial in the March 5 edition of the Craig Daily Press. I realize that smoking in public places is a controversial issue and that there are two sides to this issue. Educating people about the effects of second-hand smoke is something I feel very passionate about and I was more than willing to put myself on the line for this issue. I chose however, to cancel the smoke-free demonstration planned for Monday night because I did not want to put a group of kids in a position where they might receive more put-downs and criticism from the Craig Daily Press when they were attempting to do something positive. Many kids today are spending their time smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol, using pot and other illegal drugs, harassing others, vandalizing property, etc. Get R!EAL is a group of high school and middle school students who care about people and their health. They want to encourage healthy lifestyles. They are trying to make this a healthier and better world. It would have been nice if the Daily Press had helped them feel good about themselves and their choices and efforts!


Kathy Bockelman


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